- Help a Type 1 Diabetic enter the convent - 



There are certain souls in this world our Lord calls to be especially His own, specifically his Bride. 

I discovered the Lord was calling me to be His spouse toward the end of my senior year in college. For the last three years, our Lord Jesus Christ has been lovingly courting me, His beloved, and patiently been waiting for the day I would joyfully accept His proposal. 

The day has now come for me to accept His call and I am ready to move forward in becoming a religious sister, a Bride of Christ.


Religious sisters (and brothers) are needed in the Church, especially in our world today. In a time where the faith is persecuted now more than ever, our Church needs prayers. 

Religious provide this prayerful support as they are seen as the blood that pumps through the Church to keep Her alive, the soul of the Body of Christ needed to persevere.

Religious sisters also are a beautiful witness to the world of the heavenly marriage that Good desires with each one of us, a wedding banquet that awaits us for all eternity. 

Most aspirants to religious life have to grapple with the weight of student debt as an obstacle to beginning to live their call. My story is a little different. I have the same obstacle, not with debt, but with my health.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 8 - an insulin-dependent chronic condition. Many people believe that insulin is a cure, but it is not. As a result, besides closely monitoring my diet, I must test my blood sugar levels daily and must be hooked up to a pump to receive insulin constantly. I also have a group of doctors that I must meet with regularly. As you can imagine, diabetes is quite financially demanding; doctors visits, the cost of insulin, pump supplies, testing supplies and glucose monitors quickly add up. 

Suffering with this disease has given me an opportunity to share in the sufferings of Christ and to unite myself to Him in a unique way. But now this cross must be embraced and experienced in a new way, as I found out that I will have a two-year gap in health insurance coverage after I turn 26 and in my first two years in the convent.  The Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa (MSSR sisters) cannot cover the costs associated with managing my diabetes until I qualify for their healthcare plan in the summer of 2020. The total amount I must fundraise to cover the gap is $30,000. 

I ask that you may prayerfully consider joining me in this effort, that I may be able to join the convent and pursue a life consecrated to Christ. 

May God bless you for your generosity! 
In the Heart of Jesus through Mary, 

Katie Richard


The Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa (MSSR) are a newly established religious community of Catholic women living the evangelical life of poverty, chastity and obedience in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary in the heart of the Church.  The MSSR are joyfully devoted to contemplation and evangelization according to the traditions, spirit and teachings of the Catholic Church. Working closely with His Excellency, Bishop Robert Vasa, their life and labors of love have their beginnings in the diocese of Santa Rosa, California. 

As Marian Sisters, the sisters are animated by a desire to magnify Jesus Christ in and through our lives of consecration to Mary. They strive to communicate the beauty, goodness and truth of the Catholic Faith through their works of joyful evangelization while living the fullness of the Church’s liturgical life.

Visit the MSSR website to learn more about these beautiful sisters.


From the moment I saw the MSSR website, something in me knew that the Marian Sisters of Santa was a community I might one day call home. What struck me in words pierced my heart with joy and a sense of belonging as I visited the community.

The sisters have a profound love for the Lord and Our Lady, which is manifested by the richness of their liturgical life and daily living of the Catholic faith, especially to daily reception of Holy Communion and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The sisters are also devoted to supporting priests through prayer, fasting and sacrifice. 

These beautiful Brides of Christ are a close knit community that strive every day to live our Blessed Mother's "fiat" in their own lives according to the Heavenly Father's will.

I feel at home in the presence of these sister, but most importantly this community is where I feel called to live out my vocation as a spouse of Christ.